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Pick Up Medical Documentation in 48H

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It is advisable to request a second medical opinion when the received the diagnosis is not certain, when therapy does not lead to the desired results, or in general when the patient does not feel secure about a diagnosis and a possible course of treatment.

With our service waiting lists and long trips to require a specialist diagnosis are eliminated. With Second Opinion you can save time, stress and resources, thanks to the ability to request a medical consultation in the peace and privacy of your home.

Choose the specialist

Thanks to Second Opinion will be able to request the consultation of the best specialists in the medical field. You'll be able to search easily and fast. You can simply choose the medical specialty that best suits your needs or search for the name of the specialist interests you for a consultation. The excellence of our doctors is guaranteed by a scientific committee.

Our service allows you to access the section dedicated to every single doctor, where you can easily read up and understand who direct your question.

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Register yourself and buy your second opinion

Once you have chosen your specialist it will be possible to purchase the consultation. If you are already registered on our portal you can simply enter your credentials, otherwise you will be asked to register.

During the purchasing process you must fill out a clinical questionnaire relating to your health condition. This information will be essential to the specialist to release a consultation more detailed concerning your request.

You can also upload images and documents directly on our platform (eg. Reports or previous documents).You can complete your medical records at any time, just remember to do it before the arrival of the courier.As confirmation of your order you will receive an email and a text message.

Registrati e acquista il consulto

Withdrawal of your medical records from the courier

When you have completed your order, our courier will come within 48 hours directly to your home to pick up the medical records. Remember to put your medical records into an envelope, we reccomand to pack everything in a bubble wrap.


You can put in the envelope all your documents and medical exams:

  • diagnostic tests regarding your clinical case
  • reports and background documents
  • clinical questionnaire (if not filled out online)
  • sided copy of your ID document and of your tax code
Ritiriamo il materiale medico a casa tua

Get your online consultation

As soon as the specialist will have issued the medical report about your request, you can download it online. Meanwhile, you will receive back from the courier the documentation previously sent.

Riceverai il referto, direttamente sul tuo profilo personale


Second Opinion


Second Opinion is a service dedicated to patients who need further or additional opinion on a receipt diagnosis or treatment prescribed. Second Opinion is a key step in the patient care process , which helps you saves time and money necessary to reach different health facilities.
The average time for the service is 7 days. These include the transport of  the clinical  documentation and  the medical reports. The timing may vary based on the availability of the specialist  chosen.
The day that the courier will arrive, you need to include in the envelope (that will be deliver to you) the following documents: ·       Diagnostic exams regarding your clinical case ·        Reports and previous documents ·        Clinical questionnaire (if not compiled on-line) ·        Back and front copy of your identification document and social security number