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Second Opinion - Il consulto medico a casa tua

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Radiologia interventistica

Ozonoterapia TC guidata

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Dottor Folzani

Ozono TC guidata

A medical excellence for you


  • Medical consult within 7 days

  • Pick up medical documentation at your home

  • Get your medical record on-line

Second Opinion


Second Opinion is a service dedicated to patients who need further or additional opinion on a receipt diagnosis or treatment prescribed. Second Opinion is a key step in the patient care process , which helps you saves time and money necessary to reach different health facilities.
The average time for the service is 7 days. These include the transport of  the clinical  documentation and  the medical reports. The timing may vary based on the availability of the specialist  chosen.
The day that the courier will arrive, you need to include in the envelope (that will be deliver to you) the following documents: ·       Diagnostic exams regarding your clinical case ·        Reports and previous documents ·        Clinical questionnaire (if not compiled on-line) ·        Back and front copy of your identification document and social security number